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Knirps German Umbrellas

Knirps - the umbrella with the red dot. Hardly any other dot is as famous worldwide as the red dot from Knirps. Trademark, logo and quality promise in one, it has been the world's most popular umbrella for almost 90 years. Recognition feature for the German umbrella brand and its brand promise, as well as the unique combination of independent design standards and technically advanced functions. Reliable protection for over 90 years. Inventing, developing and improving is the credo of Knirps, the brand that revolutionised the world in 1928. Celebrated as a groundbreaking invention more than 90 years ago, the Knirps brand is now represented worldwide with a wide range of products and enjoys unbroken success. Consistent brand management and innovative product development guarantee sophisticated products with consistently high quality, sophisticated functionality and contemporary design.

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